Becky Berger

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Becky Berger
2014 Texas Railroad Commissioner Race
Party Republican
Personal Details
Born 1959
Education Economic Geology, Colorado School of Mines 1980
BS Geology, University of Oklahoma 1982
Occupation geologist
Marital Married
Children 3

Becky Berger is running for Texas Railroad Commissioner.[1]



Berger is an oil and gas professional with a degree in Geology. She is also a current State Republican Executive Committee Member and sits on the Board of the Texas Republican Women. [2]

Notable Positions

“The oil field is a way of life for my family and thousands of other families in Texas. Protecting our ability to continue being the largest supplier of petroleum products in the United States is why I seek this office,” said Berger.[2]

The biggest issues facing the oil and gas industry are "the attacks and misinformation coming from the White House Administration, EPA, Fish & Wildlife, the Dept. of Energy and the media. The Administration and those doing their bidding wants to stop all drilling in the Gulf and onshore while using non-scientific supported reasoning for doing so. We have an opportunity at the RRC to voice the truth about drilling, fracting, the quality of life we lead in America due to the products provided by hydrocarbons and their byproducts."[3]

Ethical Concerns


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Berger did not return the questionnaire and therefore was not invited to an interview.


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Berger did not return the questionnaire and therefore was not invited to an interview.




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