Malachi Boyuls

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Malachi Boyuls
2014 Texas Railroad Commissioner Race
Party Republican
Personal Details
Occupation Small business owner in O&G investing and consulting
Religion (Watermark Community Church)
Marital Married
Children 2

Malachi Boyuls is running for Texas Railroad Commissioner.[1]



Boyuls practiced regulatory law and has fought the federal government. Currently, he is a small business owner focused on investing and consulting in the O&G industry. He and his wife Shelby are the parents of two young children and are active members of Watermark Community Church in Dallas.

Boyuls was George P. Bush's business partner.[2]

Notable Positions

Major Votes

Boyuls has not held elective office and therefore has no voting record.

Stated Positions

Believes that a small, effective government, free market, family-centered community, energy independence, and a strong economy are vital to ensure our freedoms.

Ethical Concerns


MCTP Interview

News Stories

Donations Received

Donations Made to Others


MCTP Evaluation


  • Enthusiastic
  • Pro life
  • Fairly conservative
  • Has legal and regulatory experience in the patch
  • Endorsed by Texas Right to Life


  • Unproven under pressure, particularly with a tremendous amount of money in that department
  • No campaign momentum, against two other strong candidates


  • Texas Right to Life
  • Farm Bureau

Recommendations (softer than an endorsement)

  • Texas Patriots PAC[3]


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