Reid Reasor

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Reid Reasor
2014 US Senate Race
Party Republican
Personal Details
Education BS Astronautical Engineering - USAF Academy
Master's - Arizona State Univ.
2 yrs doctoral studies in education and social psychology
Occupation Business owner, retired veteran
Religion Lutheran (Bethany Lutheran, Austin)
Marital Married
Children 3

Reid Reasor is running for the U.S. Senate.



Reasor served in the Air Force for 20 years as an attack and fighter pilot. He served in Iraq during Operation Northern Watch, and he retired as a squadron commander of an elite weapons system evaluation program. In 2004, he was diagnosed with leukemia and retired from the Air Force.

After recovering from the cancer, he started a computer animation company and teaches in universities and for a home school cooperative while continuing work on his Ph.D.[1]

Notable Positions

Major Votes

No history; this candidate has not held elective office before.

Stated Positions

  • Eliminate debt by using natural resources harvested by the currently unemployed and those on welfare.
  • Better manage our water.
  • Allow for the construction of pipelines to transport oil and gas across our country.
  • Seal the border with Mexico and enforce existing laws.

Ethical Concerns

None known.


MCTP Interview

Reasor did not participate in our interview process.

News Stories

Commentary about Obamacare[2]

Donations Received

Donations Made to Others

No donation records found.


MCTP Evaluation

Reasor responded to our questionnaire but declined to participate in our interview process.




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